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Can YOU Control the Cost of Your House Cleaning Services?

Can you control the costs of house cleanings

Yes, you can.First, you must book with the right house cleaning company and be clear about your house cleaning priorities.The house cleaning company you choose should:1-877-MAIDS 911 be willing to clean only the parts of your home you request to be cleaned. send in the same cleaner or team of cleaners each time. send you…

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Are House Cleaners Born With House Cleaning Common Sense?

Common Sense Home Cleaners

Yes, I do believe so.  I have a short “test” that my cleaning applicants take as part of their interview. It is very simple.  I ask them to prioritize 10 cleaning tasks according to what is most important to cleaning clients with number 1 being most important.  An applicant that has cleaning experience and common…

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