House Cleaning in the Rain!

House Cleaning in the Rain!

Maybe one reason why rain is so depressing, at least here in the Seattle area, is because we can become housebound. So then, we feel obligated to clean house in order to enjoy our surroundings. Here are a few suggestions for helping keep up with the house cleaning instead of procrastinating, making cleaning house an all day job.

1) Think of it as daily housekeeping and break it down into small pieces. Make it your mission to do just a little bit everyday. Write out a 20 minute plan for doing individual cleaning tasks each day of the week.

2) Every time you go from room to room, see if there isn’t something you can take with you that belongs in that room and visa versa.

3) Wear a small 3 pocket apron around the house. Costco business store in Lynnwood sells them for less than $4.00. In the pockets you can carry a rag for cleaning and dusting while you are going from room to room. When you see bits of trash on the floor, you can put it in the pockets. You can carry a small bottle of green cleaner or furniture polish. Consider this your “cleaning tool belt”. And, if you are lucky, your partner will think it is your sexy maid outfit. describe the image

4) Lastly, delegate. if you live with family members, it should be everyone’s responsibility to put away their things and help clean. If you want, you can have a wicker basket for each person who lives there, put each persons “things” in the basket and make it their house cleaning job to put those items away. Also cleaning house is a very important lesson to teach your children. The comment I hear the most from my house cleaners (especially male) is: “My Mom taught me how to clean house”. Attention Moms and Dads: Learning how to clean house is a practical life lesson!

House cleaning does not have to be done all at once, and learning a new way of being is a gradual process. Have fun and make a plan!

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