1. *Must present coupon code at time of scheduling to receive discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  2. *Some restrictions may apply.
  3. Please call our office for details.

Promotions and specials may not be combined. We cannot offer: exterior window washing, wet-washing of mini blinds, floor to ceiling wall washing, or handling bodily fluids. There is a charge of $75.00 for cancelling service with less than two business days' notice, if a key is not left out as agreed, or someone is not there at the time arranged to let the cleaner in. If you are not satisfied with your cleaning, please call or email us within two business days of completion so that we can promptly discuss and remedy of the situation. We do not guarantee a satisfactory resolution if a complaint is received after two business days. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards, money orders, and personal checks. If you forget to leave a check, your credit card will be charged if a check is not received in the mail within 5 business days after your cleaning. We charge by the hour and the hourly rate is per cleaner providing service. In the event that a team is assigned to you, the rate remains per cleaner, however, the duration will be half of the estimated time. When scheduling, you were given an “estimated” (approximate) time. This is an educated guess made after discussing details with you about the size and usage of your property. This is not a firm bid and your cleaning may take more or less time than was estimated. If the cleaning takes less than the time estimated, and you have paid by check, we will send you a refund of anything over the minimum time. All cleaning appointments are automatically allowed up to one hour of additional time. In the event that more than one extra hour is needed, we will call you to discuss the situation. If we cannot reach you, we will instruct the cleaner to leave at the end of the one extra hour. Examples of an “Exceptionally Dirty Home” include, but are not limited to unreasonable amounts of feces, mold, and hoarding. Homes deemed exceptionally dirty are double the rate. Your cleaner is responsible for determining whether your home meets "Exceptionally Dirty" standards. Exceptionally Dirty Homes will be charged $89 per hour. Clients are responsible for parking fees if unmetered parking is not available. The cleaner will submit a receipt along with his or her invoice and parking will be added to the total amount.