Are House Cleaners Born With House Cleaning Common Sense?

Are House Cleaners Born With House Cleaning Common Sense?

Yes, I do believe so.  I have a short “test” that my cleaning applicants take as part of their interview. It is very simple.  I ask them to prioritize 10 cleaning tasks according to what is most important to cleaning clients with number 1 being most important.  An applicant that has cleaning experience and common sense, will answer bathrooms and kitchen being number 1 and 2 as those rooms are generally most important to the majority of house cleaning clients.  

Now you may be saying, “neither of those are on the top of my house cleaning list”.  On an individual basis that may be true.  When house cleaners look at an individual house cleaning customer, they may find a client has allergies so dusting becomes important, or a client has very small children so floors become important. That is where they use their common sense recognizing that on an individual basis each client is different.   

Often clients do not take the time or do not feel it is important to fill out our house cleaning priority checklistso cleaners common sense is important in order to know what to clean and what cleaning tasks to spend less time on.  We encourage all of our clients to fill out our cleaning checklist, because the more communication we have from our clients, the better house cleaning they will receive from their cleaner.

Common sense synonyms:  experience, good reasoning, good sense, gumption, horse sense, intelligence, levelheadedness, logic, mother wit, practicality, prudence, rationality, reason, reasonableness, sense, sensibleness, sound judgment, sound sense, soundness, sweet reason, wisdom.

Don’t forget to thank your house cleaner for their common sense and wisdom to know what makes you happy!

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