When Cleaning House, Know How To Clean Your TV Screen Safely

When Cleaning House, Know How To Clean Your TV Screen Safely

You May Need More Than A Dust Rag When Cleaning Your TV Screen!

WARNING – These new LCD and plasma screens are NOT glass – they are a soft plastic. You can dust the screen SOFTLY with a micro fiber cloth when you clean house, but if your screen has more “smudges” than dust, here is how to clean that part of your house safely.
What You Will Need
Soft cloth preferably micro fiber (leaves no lint)
Deionized (purified) water. May used distilled water for cleaning instead. Put in spray bottle and label it. Or use a cleaning solution purchased specifically for cleaning your type of screen.


  • Turn off the TV or Monitor. This is safer and you will be better able to see the smudges, grime and dust.
  • First, let it cool down for 15 minutes or so.Dampen or spray (NOT wet) the micro fiber cloth with deionized water or a purchased cleaning solution specifically for your type of screen. Be VERY gentle. Aggressive cleaning can damage the screen.
  • Excessive dust and grime can damage electronic devices. Dust or clean your TV and monitor screens on a regular basis when you clean your house.

Tips & Warnings

  • DO NOT spray the cleaner on the screen. Spray onto the cloth, NEVER directly onto the screen as it can leak into and damage the inside. (This is true for framed pictures in your home also).
  • DO NOT use any chemical cleaners like alcohol, ammonia based cleaners, or window cleaners like Windex, etc. They are NOT safe for usage on a flat screen TV or monitor.
  • DO NOT use paper towels, newspaper, bath towels, Kleenex, napkins, newspaper, or any fabric besides soft cotton or micro fiber on your screen, as they scratch.
  • Let the screen dry before turning it back on.
  • CAUTION – the oils and chemicals on your fingers may damage the screen – keep yours and your children’s fingers/hands off the screen if possible.
    That’s it. Your TV manufacturer may have additional care instructions, so check your manual for more details.

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