House Cleaning! Listening and Practicing What You Learn!

House Cleaning! Listening and Practicing What You Learn!

Time Management for life and most important house cleaning is not easy for all people. We get lists and lists of things we can do but how do we really put it into action.

I remember when I was 12 years old my sister and I went to my Mom, a wise person beyond her years, and we complained that our older brothers were teasing us unmercifilly! We asked if she could stop them. She looked at us and said, “the only reason they tease you is because you cry, and if you didn’t cry they would leave you alone.” That was a revelation to me and I listened to her and tried it out. Because I listened to her and took action – they stopped. My sister on the other hand heard her but did not listen to her and my brothers continued to tease her.

I believe that everyone and everything in life teaches us something…..we need to listen and put it into practice. There is a difference between listening vs. hearing. It is important that we listen and practice what we learn from what we’ve heard – not just hearing. So first listening and then taking action. Time management is kind of like that for me. Listening to the hints we get everyday from our own experiences like “if I/we had just done that differently it would not have taken me so long”. Listen to yourself and do the “different way” next time?

Here are some things I have learned and put into practice and hopefully you put some of them into action too:

Time Management is at our fingertips. We must listen and put what we learn into practice

If something seems to difficult – find an easier/faster way to do it. Who really cares about how “perfect” it is. Like me and photography. If my photos are not “perfect” in my eyes, I think they look bad – but I am reminded by my very good photographer friend at Kathy Admire Photography that most people would think all my photos are fabulous. Hers are ex

Put things where they work for you. For example, vitamins by the water glasses, maybe in a nice container like a wicker basket. The less steps you take the more likely you are to do it.

Keep a note pad next to your land line, your bed or on the notepad in your cell phone for reminders or your shopping list so you get it all for the week and don’t have to go back.

Keep a basket (some are made just for this) by the stairs and add out of place items to it. When it is full, take ups or downstairs and put away.

Learn from your “mistakes”. I say there are no real mistakes – just one choice that is a little better than another. So if you make a “mistake” be sure to choose the other option next time.

When my relationship of 11 years broke up I learned to listen to my friends and family. I/we are not always right! (-;

I go to Hawaii quite often because I own two oceanfront condos there and so I have a list made in my phone of the things I want to bring every time I go. It’s a big help when it comes to packing. And I leave some of the things in my suitcase that I won’t need until my next trip. Ask yourself does everything need to be unpacked?Cleaning dryer vent

Train family members to put things away when they’re done! Maybe easier said than done but if you listen and hear how they best can accomplish that – they may surprise you.

Again in Hawaii I need my guests to ALWAYS clean the dryer vent with each load so I write inside the dryer “Please clean vent with each load! Mahalo” I had a guest ask me as a humorous comment “do you think if I did that at home, my son would remember”? I suggested all she could do is try as reminders are good are very helpful for the forgetful – Me!

Here in Hawaii (I am on vacation as I write this) it has been critical to the care of my units that I take information from other owners. For instance stainless steel screws are the only screws you can use or in no time they will be rusted. The information I need never ends here. I listen very carefully to the owners here and their struggles and solutions.

Time management is really about making informed choices based on what you know and suggestions from other people and how they deal with the issue. The key is listening and maybe even some research and then putting it into every day practice.

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